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What’s new in 6.21.1 (2014-Nov-03 15:20):

*) fixed ugprading from v5;

What’s new in 6.21 (2014-Oct-30 12:34):

*) userman – fix ~Your session has been reset due to inactivity~ error;
*) timezone – updated timezone information to 2014i release;
*) wireless – fixed scanning tool crash for 802.11ac interfaces
*) wireless – fixed Nv2 kernel panic on 802.11ac interfaces
*) quickset – added vpn configuration to Wifi AP %26 Ethernet modes as well;
*) lte – changed device identification for devices which regenerate MAC address,
most likely this will loose device’s configuration;
*) sstp – fixed disconnects on high traffic load;
*) ovpn client – fixed problem where ip address was not added to bridge interface in ethernet mode;
*) webfig – show properly Switch Port configuration;
*) disks – fixed support for MMC/SD cards;
*) winbox – added filtering by dscp to torch;
*) certificate – fix CRL handling in trust chain;
*) fixed 6to4 tunnels having inactive routes;
*) ipsec – fix downgrade problem to v5;
*) ipsec – disallow template-policy-group=none in peer config and set it to ‘default’;
*) metarouter – some metaroutes didn’t have their licenses;
*) torch – possibility to filter by dscp;
*) fixed – master port on AR8327 switches that is put into bridge could sometimes not work properly;
*) fixed queues – could have huge latencies and smaller throughput than specified;
*) interfaces report last link up/down time and link down count;

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